800lb Hookskate 'Sea Monster' Caught Off Miami By Captain Mark Quartiano (PICTURE)

A fisherman known as Mark the Shark made a monster catch this weekend – in the form of this whopping hookskate.

Captain Mark Quartiano hauled the 800lb creature from the waters of Miami Beach and posted a snap of the beast to his Instagram account.

Who's your daddy: Captain Mark Quartiano hauled the beast out of the waters of Miami

“It’s a very rare fish. It’s like a big gigantic whipping stingray. It’s a dinosaur.”

The hookskate, also known as Dactylobatus clarkii and Clark’s Fingerskate typically inhabits the ocean at depths of up to 1,000 feet.

Quartiano tagged the creature before releasing it back into the sea, explaining: “Stingrays are usually pretty good to eat, but this one as table fare? I don’t know how that would work out.”

Very little is known about the mysterious fish, writes the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The site which lists the species as reaching a maximum size of 75cm in length – though Quartiano’s catch clearly blows that figure out of the water.