Five-Year-Old's Drawings Of '80s Songs Are Pure Joy (PICTURES)

PICTURES: Five-Year-Old's Adorable Drawings Of '80s Songs

Sam is five - and his mother Lori is, by her own admission, obsessed with the 1980s.

Sam's first drawing inspired by the '80s music playing in his house was one to illustrate the Thompson Twins' 'Hold Me Now' - and he hasn't looked back.

"We started paying attention to the music that's always on in the background and Sam started drawing what he heard," says Lori. "I love sitting with him and sharing something I love so much with someone I love so much.

"We put on some music and sit at the kitchen table. He always asks me the song title and when I tell him he'll usually giggle and shake his head, then he gets down to business."

Check out some of Sam's joyful, colourful drawings below - and head over to Loris' Drawn To The '80s blog to see more.

Purple Rain - Prince

Five-Year-Old Draw '80s Song Titles


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