Comet ISON Latest: Nasa's 'Thanksgiving' Video Shows Comet's Perilous Path To The Sun

Nasa has released a 'Thanksgiving Day' video of Comet ISON as it continues in its perilous course towards the surface of the sun.

The comet is said to be brightening steadily as it moves closer to our star, where it will skim within 750,000 miles of the solar surface.

Under the enormous pressure and heat of the Sun it is still possible the comet will break up or disintegrate entirely before it reaches that point.

But astronomers remain hopeful that it might brighten enough to earn the 'Comet of the Century' moniker to which it has been attached for more than a year.

In the latest Nasa clip, recorded by STEREO-A, the icy comet can be seen as a bright but tiny object against the licking tendrils of the Sun.

Take a look, above.