Tamagotchi Virtual Pets Are Back: Bandai Attempt To Enslave Another Generation

The Tamagotchi Is Back

Just when you thought you could finally move on from the 90s - Tamagotchi are back.

The scourge of classrooms everywhere are to return 17-years after enslaving a generation of children into feeding, walking and administering medicine to keep their virtual pets alive.

The decision was apparently prompted by the 2.5 million downloads in 90 days of the Tamagotchi app earlier this year proving their was still huge demand for them.

Remember when these took over your life?

Rather than being a slightly formless blob you'll be able to choose from a range of different characters.

Each one is unbelievably starry-eyed and aspires to certain roles such as musicians, stylists or chefs. Some are even related.

They can also hook up with each other and have 'Tama-babies' in their online world of 'Dream Town'.

Players can 'bump' other Tamagotchis to earn points and raise their friend metre.

Bandai marketing director, Darrell Jones, said: "In the 90s, Tamagotchi paved the way for a digital age in toys so we are incredibly excited to be giving the hugely popular, classic toy a modern day update.

"The innovative features, including the new characters and the short range communication ‘bump’ feature, will entertain a whole new generation of Tamagotchi fans.

"We're really looking forward to seeing Tamagotchi being welcomed into homes and playgrounds across the country, and once again becoming an important member of everyone's family."

If you want one it will set you back £24.99 from 26 December - and probably take over your life.


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