Before our obsession with social media, taking pictures of ourselves and running through fields catching Pokemon there was
The Tamagotchi was a worldwide phenomenon.
We all remember owning our first Tamagotchi. It was a special time of bonding and nurturing, frustration and ultimately personal
A new video entitled 'Strange Beasts' has been doing the rounds on social media this week. Directed by Magali Barbé, the film purports to be a trailer for the next generation of augmented reality gaming -- but in actual fact, it is a short fictional work, and a commentary on the increasing encroachment of virtual reality and augmented reality upon our lives.
The now Oscar-winning Spike Jonze movie 'Her' explores how our relationship with technology may change as it becomes more sophisticated
Just when you thought you could finally move on from the 90s - Tamagotchi are back. The scourge of classrooms everywhere