Toddler Shoots Girl, 3, Parents Melisa Ann Mumpower And William Monroe Simmons Arrested

Toddler Shoots Three-Year-Old Girl

A mother has been arrested after her toddler shot a three-year-old girl, after they were allegedly left to play in the room alone with a .22 calibre rifle.

Melisa Ann Mumpower, along with her boyfriend William Monroe Simmons, have been charged by Randolph County Sheriff's Office, in the state of North Carolina, with failing to store a firearm to protect a minor and felony child abuse.

They have also been charged with misdemeanour child abuse - because of the condition of the house they lived in.

Melisa Ann Mumpower, who has been charged by the sheriff's office

It was Simmons' daughter, who was shot through the arm, with the bullet penetrating through to her stomach.

The child has been in surgery at Brenner Children's Hospital, and is expected to recover fully from her injuries, Fox 8 reported.

Simmons' one-year-old child was also at the house when the incident took place. Mumpower told police she had been cleaning up in another room when she heard shots fired.

“We’re unsure if they were playing with it or if they picked it up and the gun went off,” Sheriff’s Capt. Derrick Hill told the Daily Record.

Randolph County Social Services has taken other children who lived in the house into the care of social services. Local reports described the property as covered in litter, with drink cans and old toys scattered around.

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