Mafia Boss Francesco Raccosta 'Fed Alive To Pigs' By Rival Mob (VIDEO)


A "squealing" mobster boss has been brutally murdered by a rival clan who fed him alive to pigs.

Police believe Francesco Raccosta - who disappeared from his home in Calabria back in 2012 - was kidnapped by rival mobsters and fed alive to the ravenous herd.

It is thought a rival mob severely beat him before throwing him into the herd of pigs - who swiftly ate his body as he screamed and begged for mercy.

Police say they found out about his fate earlier this month while investigating the southern 'Ndrangheta mafia organisation.

Officers claim 24-year-old Simone Pepe was wire-tapped boasting about Raccosta's murder.

"It was satisfying to hear his screams. Mamma mia how he screamed!...In the end I didn't see anything...nothing remained!" The Local reports Pepe as gloating.

Pepe is chillingly heard adding: "Those pigs could certainly eat...''

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