Colditz The Turkey Escapes Royal Family's Christmas Dinner Table

wild eastern turkey head shot...
wild eastern turkey head shot...

A turkey with royal connections has been spared the chop after a daring great escape.

The plucky bird has been named "Colditz" after he did a flyer on the way to the slaughterhouse.

He was being taken from the Rhug Estate in Corwen, Denbighshire, which supplies the Prince of Wales with his festive fowl.

Farmer Gareth Williams said he did not expect to see him again.

But incredibly Colditz soon turned up in the village of Llangollen - and boldly pecked on the front door of Gareth's mother-in-law, Pam Owen.

Mr Williams told the BBC: "We were baffled as to how the door had opened. I was amazed I hadn't lost a lot more.

"Then my mother-in-law rang. She lives in Llangollen. I go through there. When I go over the bridge, I go round a sharp right.

"The door must have swung open and he was nearest the door and was flung out.

"Of all the places to end up in, that is amazing. I could have lost him at any point and to end up on my mother-in-law's doorstep, well, that just doesn't happen."

Owner of the Rhug Estate, Lord Newborough, was tickled by the turkey's escape attempt and helped name him, the Daily Express reported.

He said: "My father escaped a Nazi prison camp in the Second World War but was captured and sent to Colditz, so we thought that would be a fitting name.

"He's become a bit of a mascot for the Rhug farm."