04/12/2013 05:14 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Google Android Autocomplete Won't Finish 'Uterus' Or 'Panty' But 'Nazi' Is Fine

NELSON ALMEIDA via Getty Images
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Google Android doesn't appear to like sex, underwear or itself by the looks of things.

An investigation by Wired has uncovered an exhaustive list of words the operating system will not autocomplete.

While a few of them sort of make sense, most are mystifying.

As well as the vaguely offensive 'butt' and 'geek' are words such as 'uterus', 'STI' and 'lactation'.

'Nazi' is a no-go but 'supremacist' is fine.

Perhaps the most baffling is that Android will complete 'iPhone' but not Google products like' Chromebook', 'Zagat', or 'AdMob'.

The issue is not limited to Google.

A similar investigation by the Daily Beast into the autocorrect on iOS found words like 'rape', 'bullet', 'abduct' and 'abortion' if misspelled stay misspelled.

Some even argued Apple's conservative stance on spelling could put you in danger.

Google declined to shed any light on the findings meaning we can only speculate as to the reasoning behind the list.

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