Experts share advice on preserving battery life when you don't have a charger handy.
We’ll soon be able to start using new inclusive emojis, including wheelchair users, a guide dog, prosthetic limbs and a hearing aid. The emojis will launch as a part of a large keyboard update by Apple this autumn. Other updates include new food items, such as a waffle, falafel, a slab of butter and garlic, as well as new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk.
Longer battery life and fewer annoying notifications, what's not to like?
Instead you'll have to download it from Fortnite's website.
From exploring Minecraft to learning code with Harry Potter.
Game of Phones:This game was made for delayed trains or as a passenger stuck in traffic.
Google's search engine has always been a part of Android, and that's the problem.
A new update appears to be the cause of the problem.