04/12/2013 06:56 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Man Polishes Off Sandwich 'The Size Of A Small Baby' In 36 Minutes Beating UK Strongman And Competitive Eaters

The prize was a humble £116 and a novelty t-shirt, but 26-year-old James Brettell wasn't in it for the money. What he wanted to conquer was the Gigantwich - a monster sandwich served in the Mangetout bistro in Southend-on-Sea in Essex - and he did, in 36 minutes.

The Gigantwich - which totals 8,000 calories - is built with six slices of thick bread with chips and coleslaw on the side. It contains: sausage, bacon, ham, beef, turkey, lamb, steak burger, pulled barbeque pork, hash browns, various cheeses, stuffing, a cheese omelette, tomatoes, cucumber, salad, mayo, BBQ sauce and mustard. Onion rings perch on top like a halo.

james brettell

The sandwich costs £17.95 if it isn't completed within 45 minutes, and so far, 116 people have tried and failed including a UK strongman and people who eat competitively for a living.

Chartered surveyor James said: I saw a picture of the sandwich on Facebook and it was the size of a baby. I just thought "I've got to get me some of this. I've always been pretty trim but recently I've been training hard at the gym and only eating one or two big meals in the evenings. I was still surprised I managed to eat it all - my mates can't believe it."


It wasn't an easy run though - towards the end he started to feel sick. James said: "I think the owner could see I was flagging so he started playing Eye Of The Tiger through the restaurant speakers to keep me going."