04/12/2013 06:55 GMT | Updated 03/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Nearly-Naked Women Pose With Coffins For 2014 Calendar - The Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler?


If you want to jazz up your Christmas stockings this year - because let's face it, no one really wants an orange and bag of chocolate coins - why not fill it with a 2014 calendar featuring naked women sprawled over coffins?

Hmm... didn't think so.

For the past five years Polish coffin manufacturer Zbigniw Linder has advertised his products through nude or nearly-nude calendars.

We first heard of Lindner back in August, when the 2014 calendar production was in full swing.

But, rest assured, the images don't get any less shocking no matter how many times you look at them.

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“For this calendar we came back to nature, which we express with perfect harmony between Lindner coffins and natural wood, blue sea, red flowers, green fields and beauty of the female body,” a spokesman for Lindner explained.

What do you make of them?