"As American novelist Anne Lamott famously said, 'If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.'"
Nigella Lawson, Hugh Jackman and Jamie Oliver were among those paying tribute to the restaurateur known as the King of Breakfast.
"I questioned if our relationship was even real. Maybe I was being dramatic and selfish? Had this all been in my head?"
"The room blurred, and when I raised my head... gravity took the tears from my eyes and pulled them down my cheeks."
The "Friends" star, 54, was found dead in his hot tub at home in October.
"Sometimes I feel pressured to confirm that he's getting better. I can't tell him that actually, he won’t."
Ida Khalil has washed more than a hundred women. “I used to be afraid of dead people,” she says. “Now I could sleep next to dead people.”
"As I willed my baby to hold on, my sister was being prepared for autopsy in the morgue; birth and death, joy and grief, the beginning and end of life."
"The new assignment was to mourn the loss of a parent and the loss of myself as a daughter. ... Who was I without my parents?"
"For the first time since my dear friend had died five years earlier, she’d written back."