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Sharon Osbourne Refuses Brother's Offer Of A Reconciliation: 'All He Wants Is Money, I Want Nothing To Do With Him'

Sharon Osbourne has blasted her elder brother after he publicly declared he wanted to heal their long-standing rift.

The 'X Factor' judge says she wants nothing to do with David Arden despite his pleas for her to get in contact after years of not speaking because of a rift that tore their family apart.

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon told The Mirror: “I'm fuming. We call him Fredo after the weak son in The Godfather who sold the family out – that’s my brother.

"I’ve not spoken to him in nine years but he pops his head up every now and then.

“It seems all he wants is our money. I want absolutely nothing to do with him.

“David knows that everything is going to my kids but he seems to think he can get a few hundred grand out of my husband in his will... even though he’s said horrible things about Ozzy behind his back. It’s disgusting.”

After 15 years not speaking, Sharon and David reconciled for five years but they fell out again in 2007 after the death of their father, music manager Don Arden.

Despite paying for the funeral, Sharon missed the burial, instead choosing to attend a private headstone un­veil­ing a year later.

"We did fight over the funeral," she explained. "My father had an affair for 25 years with a woman in America but never divorced.

"And my brother wanted my father buried next to my mother in a non-Jewish graveyard and I said ‘no’.

"The only thing my father loved was his religion."


Sharon with her family

Sharon also claims to have given David - who, like Sharon's son Jack has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - around half a million pounds in hand outs over the years.

“I feel very bad for him that he has MS but I can’t help him with that," she said. "There is nothing I can do for him. As far as him wanting to help Jack with his MS, I think it is an excuse.

“I think he looks at me and my family, all successful, and it eats away at him.

"It seems he wants sympathy and he wants money.

"I’ve given and given and given, and then he turned around and said some hideous things about me and my family.

All might not be lost though as Sharon Osbourne has been willing to bury the hatchet with other people she's fallen out with.

Last month she finally ended her ongoing feud with Lady Gaga with a very public reconciliation on 'The X Factor'.

The pair fell out after Sharon's daughter, Kelly Osbourne criticised one of Gaga's outfits and her weight which prompted thousands of the singer's Little Monster fans to bombard Kelly with death threats on Twitter.

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