05/12/2013 16:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Wrap The Perfect Present

What's your present-wrapping like? Super sleek or a bit shoddy?

Yes, it's what's on the inside that counts, but a perfectly wrapped gift - with a ribbon and everything - makes all the difference. Watch below to see Michelle, an expert from the luxury gift wrapping service in Harrods, demonstrate how to make an a Christmas gift look amazing. (Top tip: putting it inside a box makes things a lot easier.)

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More of Michelle's tips to know below:

1. Always make sure you measure your paper correctly against the gift and cut it accordingly and neatly with sharp scissors before you start wrapping.

2. Use double sided tape in order for your wrapped gift to look neater.

3. If you're wrapping a gift with an unusual shape, opt for a box. This way you can pop the present in a box and wrap that up instead.

4. For larger presents, attach the sheets of wrapping paper using double sided tape. If the paper has images on it, try and stick the sheets together where the images meet so you can hardly see the joints.

5. If you have used more than one sheet of wrapping paper, make sure the joints are in the middle so that you can cover them with the ribbon which goes through the centre.

6. Gifts such as books should be wrapped in tissue paper first and then wrapped in your chosen paper. This creates a smooth finish.

7. When wrapping ribbon around the present, twist the ribbon around the front of the gift. This will ensure that when you wrap the present, you can hide the twist with the bow.

8. For a double bow, knot the ribbon once it's been wrapped around the gift before tying the bow. Then slide another piece of ribbon underneath the knot and tie a second bow.

9. When wrapping a circular object or a round box, the sides of the gift must be folded over continuously until the entire bottom and top surfaces are covered.

10. Always pull your ribbon really tightly and then adjust and cut the lengths of the ties for a perfect finish. Finally, fold either sides of your ribbon in half and then snip off the ends diagonally so that you create a fishtail end.