06/12/2013 06:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

What Treats Do You Leave Out For Father Christmas?

So how are your preparations going for the big day? Have you peeled that mountain of spuds and taken delivery of a turkey that's so big it looks like it's eaten all the other turkeys too?

Are most of the presents wrapped and stashed under the tree for tomorrow? Don't panic if you feel like you're behind schedule – you still have a few hours to go and if something gets forgotten, so what? I tend to start from the assumption that I will forget something, and I look forward with interest to finding out what that will be. Usually it's some forlorn vegetables that get abandoned in the microwave and re-discovered on Boxing Day.

Are you tracking Santa online so you can see where in the world he's got to? If you haven't discovered it, the NORAD Santa tracker is a great way to follow the great man and his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

So before the children go to bed, there's just one vital part of the traditional celebrations to sort out - what are you leaving out as a treat for Santa to enjoy when he stops by?

In our house, a fat carrot or two for the reindeer is a must. Add to this a plate with maybe a mince pie or a biscuit, and a little tipple – maybe whiskey or sherry. There'll be two Christmas lists with wobbly handwriting balanced on the mantelpiece, and they'll be gone in the morning, as will the refreshments.

I know that some people find that Santa leaves behind magical footprints, which on closer inspection look very much like glitter mixed with talcum powder. I can never be faffed with any of that – I'm much too pooped by Christmas Eve.

So what's your Christmas Eve treat for Santa? Leave a comment below and, of course, a Merry Christmas to you all!