MPs' 11% Pay Rise Greater Than Chief Executives, Nurses, Teachers (PICTURE)

MPs have sparked outrage after it emerged that they could be in line for an extra £7,600 pay rise.

The 11% salary boost, set to be put forward by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), would bring their basic salary of £66,396 up to £74,000.

With public sector workers suffering a cap of 1% on their pay rises while those in the private sector still feel the pinch, it's worth looking at how huge a pay rise this would be.

HuffPostUK compared the MPs' pay rise, which is due for 2015, with the pay rises the rest of Britain received in 2012, as noted by the Office for National Statistics in its latest figures.

MPs' prospective pay rise for 2015 compared with those across the professions for median wages in 2012

The answer? Not even chief executives enjoyed as lavish a boost to their wage as 11%.

According to the ONS, "chief executives and senior officials" saw a 8.2% boost in their median wages, those in business and finance saw their median wages rise by 1.7%, while nurses' wages rose by just 0.2% and teachers didn't get anything at all.

(N.B The ONS make clear that pay freeze does not necessarily imply a 0% movement in average wages as the composition of the group can change, for example if more lower-paid people than higher-paid left the occupation.)