Feminist Pantene #WhipIt Advert Urges Us To Stop Labelling Women (And Then Go To Buy Their Shampoo)

When big brands try to sell a product under the guise of empowering women, the adverts often fall flat on their face while the rest of us to look away in horror - and then go on Twitter to rant about its shortcomings. (See Samsung's Woman Of Steel for a visual cue.)

But then every now and again, an ad agency well and truly nails it. To the creative team behind Pantene's #WhipIt campaign, we salute you.

First (h)aired - pun, intended - at the start of November, the shampoo advert for Pantene Philippines is making waves on the internet and we just can't get enough.

It's time we put an end to labels against women, says the advert. And we're inclined to agree.

The minute-long ad compares the language used to describe men and women in identical social situations - revealing a powerful message about the undeniable nature gender inequality in society.

The language used to describe strong, powerful women is often negative, while that used to describe men with the same credentials is not.

While working fathers are dedicated, working mothers are selfish.

He's persuasive, but she's pushy.

He's the boss, but she's just bossy.

So far, so ground-breaking.

And then comes the link between the product and the message - "Pantene believes that when you stand strong, you shine." (Small print: go and buy their shampoo.)

OK so the link between empowerment and a bouncy blow-dry is tenuous (at best), but at least the advert is sparking the right kind of conversations and not just offering women the chance to win a free kitchen.

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