Peter Clatworthy, Man Who Paid £458 For PHOTO Of An Xbox One On eBay, Gets A Free Console

Well, the story has a happy ending - not only Peter Clatworthy get a refund, he has also received a free console.

A real one.

The kind folks of CeX handed one over to him to save Christmas for his son - the intended recipient of ill-advised original purchase.

Clatworthy said. "I'm just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story. All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this."

The original listing - though placed in the "video games and consoles" category - specifically said it was selling a photo of the machine, and not actually an Xbox One.

eBay said that since the seller placed the item in the wrong category, it was mis-sold and he will get a full refund.

Just be more careful in future.

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