How To Take The Perfect 'Belfie' (That's Bum Selfie To You And Me)

How To Take The Perfect 'Belfie' (That's Bum Selfie To You And Me)

Step aside selfie, there's a new vanity-tastic self-portrait taking social media by storm.

The belfie, popularised by booty pioneers and serial celebrity Instagrammers Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, is quite simply a selfie of your bottom.

Coined through the simple and high-scientific equation (bum + selfie = the belfie), the term is a popular hashtag on Instagram and other social media sites.

No doubt many of us have perfected the art of the regular selfie - chin down, eyes up, hair fluffed, lips pursed in the perfect pout - but how in God's name do you present your butt to the world?

Here's our tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) guide to achieving the perfect belfie

Think about your knickers... not even the most flattering of Instagram filters can make those grey undies look good

Don't worry if your butt isn't juicy... you can always buy bum enhancing pants, think chicken fillets for the derriere

Lighting is everything... don't use the flash on your iPhone, it will wash out you butt and highlight any dimples

Pick the right setting... the mirror never lies and any are half-eaten Pringle tubs in the background are going to lessen the sex appeal

Moisturise... no one wants a flaky bum

Best cheek forward... pick a favourite and work it

Pick your best angle... tilt your pelvis to make your waist look slimmer

Stand tall... high heels make your legs look longer, FACT

Think we've missed any important tips out? Let us know in the comments below...

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