WATCH: You Know You're A Noughties Kid When You Remember These..

We're a bit fed up of "you know you're a eighties kid when.." pieces. What about us? What about the noughties?

The noughties were a great time to be a moody teen. Come on, hands up who wanted to be Pink?

If you were born any time post-1989 you'll probably remember 2002, in particular, was spectacular.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, No Doubt's Hey Baby, Men In Black, Missy Elliot's Work It, Kelly Clarkson winning American Idol, Shakira's Whenever Wherever, Elvis vs JXL, Totally Addicted To Bass, Catch Me If You Can, Star Wars, Nelly, NICKELBACK, Sk8er Boi .. dear lord it was SUPERB.