Lightfog Pollution Eating Bicycle Could Make Your Green Commute Even Greener


Cycling to work has always been a greener alternative than petrol-powered transport but now it could become even better.

A firm from Bangkok, Lightfog, are planning to build a prototype of a bike that actually eats pollution and emits cleaner air.

The bike uses an air filter on the handlebars and "plant-based tech" which is a system that mimics photosynthesis powered by an onboard battery.

The future of commuting?

Its designers hope to "add more value to a bicycle by adding its ability to reduce the pollution" something which should be of concern to cyclists constantly amongst city fumes.

It's still not clear whether the bike would be effective. It may produce cleaner air in the immediate vicinity of the rider but as Treehugger points out, a fleet of them would be needed for any noticeable environmental effect.

As already mentioned the bike has yet to make it into production and finer details about maintenance and price have yet to be determined.

Encouragingly for Lightfog, they have already won a Red Dot design award for the futuristic concept.

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