The German capital hosted its eighth annual Berlin Pedal Battle, featuring medieval fans jousting on bicycles. And for the the first time ever, the event allowed the participation of women.
In an international challenge that blends sport and engineering, the mini subs are driven by pedal power alone.
Take it up a gear in 2018!
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By 2040, all sales of new petrol and diesel vans and cars will cease in the UK. This follows increasing pressure to tackle
Looking into the future can be fun for a number of reasons, one of which is so we can imagine a world where there are no
Innovation and technology will continue to transform life in Europe’s big cities.
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Cities are home to half the world's population, they consume 75% of global resources and produce up to 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The very act of looking at how to prioritise cycling opens up so many rewarding shifts in the city, and the world. The bicycle is a vehicle for change. Electing a Bicycle Mayor is a simple yet profoundly powerful step that any city can take.