13/12/2013 05:34 GMT | Updated 13/12/2013 05:37 GMT

Transparent LCD-Covered Bus Might Be The Future Of Annoying Transport

Anyone who thinks the new London bus with two staircases and LED lights is too modern might want to look away now.

A new concept for a city bus is not only as bendy as the terrible ones inflicted on London until very recently, but it's also transparent, covered in video screens and is capable of providing live weather, traffic and transport updates to passers-by.

The 'Willie Bus' designed by Tad Orlowski uses transparent LCD screens on the outside to project virtually anything transport chiefs might wish - from adverts to information.

The designer says:

"This technology is already in serial production and application in different parts of the world – the transparent screen may at any moment function like a typical display unit, incorporating even touch control functions. Today, the city bus can be transformed into a mobile billboard displaying advertisements or film clips in the most attractive parts of town or provide passengers with additional information and entertainment such as route plans, weather reports, press and TV coverage as well as tourist information presented at bus stops in an eye-catching way."

Yes, it's just a concept - but if Boris fancies cementing his legacy for expensive travel-related follies, a couple on the 15 Route might not go amiss.