North Korea Marks Anniversary Of Kim Jong-Il's Death (VIDEO)

WATCH: North Korea Marks Anniversary Of Kim Jong-Il's Death

North Korea has marked the second anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-il, its former leader, days after a brutal political purge of Kim Jong-il's powerful uncle.

Jang Song Thaek, the man who oversaw the transition of power from Kim Jong-il to his son Kim Jong-un, was executed last week, accused of plotting agains the state.

We should be warriors to safeguard the party centre with our lives ... with the conviction that we know no one but the great comrade Kim Jong-Un," North Korea's Kim Yong-Nam, the nominal head of state, said in an opening address to the assembled crowd.

According to the state-run Korean Central News Agency, floral tributes were left for Kim Jon-il by the Chinese and Vietnamese embassies, and United Nations representatives, including UNICEF.

The agency reported that "Foreign media gave wide publicity to the brilliant life of General Secretary Kim Jong Il" - citing the Guinean paper Horoya, and the Uruguayan paper La Juventud.

"A Bulgarian paper said Kim Jong Il was a model of genuine patriots, adding his love for the country was very sincere and warm. The Lao paper Congtap Pasason Lao said his noble life will always be remembered by the Korean people and progressive mankind," it continued.


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