17/12/2013 05:02 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 01:38 GMT

Prosthetic Leg Mistaken For Paedophile Sees Schoolchildren Evacuated From Kent Swimming Pool

SSPL via Getty Images
A prosthetic leg was mistaken for a paedophile (file picture)

A class of primary school children was evacuated from a swimming pool after staff mistook a prosthetic leg for a paedophile.

The limb in question was poking out from under a cubicle as the children got changed after a swimming lesson, prompting fears a paedophile was trying to watch them undress.

Teachers responded by swiftly removing the eight and nine-year-olds from the premises at the Larkfield Leisure Centre in Aylesford, Kent, the Metro reports.

But it turned out to be a false alarm, with the leg having been detached and left behind by a disabled man going for a swim, last Monday, the leisure centre confirmed to HuffPost UK.

Headteacher Kerry Thomas told the Mirror: “We had 60 children at the pool that day, although they weren’t all in there at once.

“One of the members of staff had seen it, and we quickly moved the children out and everything was dealt with in accordance with school policy.”

A spokesman for the leisure centre declined to comment on the incident.

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