22/12/2013 21:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

10 Signs You're A First-Time Parent

Mother holding her young baby

First date, first kiss, first job, first time you live away from home, first time you fall in love, first time you have sex... when it comes to life's great milestones, everybody remembers the first time.

So from the moment their soft, pink body nuzzles against your bare chest your first baby will always be special. And for many women there is a fear they will never be able to love another like they love their first-born.

Of course, as any mother with two or more children will tell you, that is NEVER the case. You will love them just the same - but different.

And as any mother with two or more children will also tell you, while your first baby will fill you with joy, they will also fill you with fear, panic and worry in equal measure. Because while 'firsts' are exciting, they also throw you headlong into unchartered territory, which can be... well, bloody scary.

As a wise woman with two children once said: With child one you have no idea what the hell you're doing; with child two you still have no idea what the hell you're doing but you don't have time to worry about it (plus, you know what you can get away with!).

From sterilising everything in sight for fear of your baby ending up in hospital with germ poisoning to photographing your baby's every move, here are a few of the giveaway signs you're a first-time mum...