24/12/2013 05:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Blair's Son Asks: Daddy, Who Do You Love More, Me Or Your Phone?

Tony Blair has told reporters that his obsession with his mobile led to his son asking him who he loved more - him or his mobile phone.

In an interview the former PM revealed that his youngest child, Leo, questioned him over his Blackberry usage.

'Today my Blackberry is everything to me, so much so that one day Leo asked me: 'Dad, who do you love more, me or the phone?' Mr Blair told the Calcalist Hebrew language paper.

But despite his obsession with his mobile, Mr Blair insisted he was very much a hands on dad, even when the family home was 10 Downing Street:

'Oh, I was very involved. Leo was a great blessing, really a gift from God, and as happy as I was when he was born I was also mature enough to understand that. I changed nappies, I read bedtime stories. The experience of fatherhood was completely different, and not because I was prime minister but because Cherie and I had him at a relatively late age, when I was 47.'

He added that his new role as Middle East envoy, which involves spending one week a month in Jerusalem, means that he sees less of his children, and in particular his youngest son, than he did when he was Prime Minister:

'When I was in Number 10 I saw him more because we all lived together in the same house. Today I am travelling most of the time and so naturally contact with him is harder.'

Good job he's got his Blackberry to keep in touch, then.

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