24/12/2013 09:18 GMT | Updated 24/12/2013 09:20 GMT

Doctor Who's 'Real Face' Revealed By Aberdeen Researchers

Doctor Who's enigmatic Time Lord may have been played by many actors over the past 50 years but now researchers have unveiled what they claim is his "real face".

By using photos of all the actors who have filled the famous role, psychologists at the University of Aberdeen Face Lab have come up with the below portrait:

They used "face averaging" technology to incorporate all 13 faces - from the inaugural Doctor, William Hartnell, to Peter Capaldi who will take over from current Doctor, Matt Smith, on Christmas Day.

David Robertson, from the University of Aberdeen’s Face Lab, said in a statement: “It’s interesting that the face we have developed is not dominated by the features of any one of the actors to have played The Doctor.

“Rather it represents a combination of the averaged features of each actor to have taken on the role. Indeed, this face average could guide future casting directors in their search for the ideal actor to play the Time Lord.”

What do you think? Is this face what you picture when you think of Doctor Who?


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