Kleptomaniac Cats, Theo And Denis, Get Into The Spirit Of Christmas (VIDEO)

Two cats have clearly been inspired by the Dr Seuss character the Grinch, having embarked on a mini crime spree over the Christmas period.

The festive season is a gift for Theo, a three-year-old Siamese cross belonging to Rachael Drouet and Paul Edwards from Ipswich, Suffolk.

He is a seasoned cat burglar, regularly bringing home "treasures" from neighbours' houses, the BBC has reported.

But he has forsaken his usual diet of clothing, phone chargers and other cats' toys for a selection of Christmas decorations which his owners believe he is pilfering from neighbours' trees.

And in Luton, Bedfordshire, Denis, a three-year-old pet whose cat burgling antics have been well-documented on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, is expected to get into the Christmas spirit, according to his owner, Lesley Newman.

Denis usually prefers to steal underwear, but has recently been bringing home gifts of Christmas wrapping paper - minus the contents.

His largest prize to date is a bath towel and his most expensive is a Fred Perry polo shirt.

On one memorable occasion he took a woman's sandal from a garden on a neighbouring street -- and then returned a week later to pinch the other one.