30/12/2013 05:08 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Films 2014: Six To Watch Just For The Fashion

Can you feel it? That gold-tinted, glittery awards season frisson in the air? The promise that within the next few weeks 2014's BIG films are going to hit our cinemas?

Joyfully, not only are there enough good movies to see you through all the popcorn you could possibly eat but there's also a few that could seriously inspire your shopping choices over the next few months. So here it is, six films to watch in 2014 - first and foremost because of the fashion...

1. The Grand Budapest
Yes, Saoirse Ronan and Tilda Swinton are in this and yes, they look splendid. But it's a Wes Anderson so everyone - nay, everything - is stylised within an inch of its life. Serious sartorial inspiration - Adrien Brody's tailoring is particularly wonderful.

2. American Hustle
Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and precisely zero bras in the whole thing. Yet, somehow we want to look like the women in this film! Invest in hairspray and comb before you go to the cinema - you'll want a bouffant after this.

3. Grace Of Monaco
Well, obviously - Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, just imagine the gowns. It could be good, it could be terrible, but one thing's absolutely for sure - the fashion will be incredible.

4. Vampire Academy
From the makers of Mean Girls, this film is all about bloodsuckers but has replaced the Twilight angsty teenage forbidden love stuff with wit. Also, the hair is brilliant.

5. The Wolf Of Wall Street
Forget Leonardo DiCaprio (well, not completely - just for a second) Margot Robbie is ridiculously hot in this film and makes you want to wear stilettos all the time even if it bloody hurts.

6. Maleficent
Angelina Jolie as Aurora's nemesis is completely and utterly terrifying but she does a strong lip superbly. Uh-mazing.