WATCH: ‘IKEA Heights' – The Soap Opera Filmed Entirely In IKEA (Without The Store's Permission)

So, here's one to file under both Why Didn't We Think Of That? and How On Earth Did This Fly Under The Radar?

Because it turns out that a few years ago, a group of actors got together and started to covertly film episodes of a melodramatic soap opera in their local IKEA store in Burbank, California.

They called it 'IKEA Heights', it was made for Channel 101, and the videos are just getting a new lease of (viral) life right now. You can watch episode one above - and the other six here.

When the actors were rumbled, IKEA saw the funny side of it ("We see the humour in it and we approach our own marketing with a similar tongue-in-cheek humour," said a spokesperson at the time). And as cast member Whitney Avalon explained: "Once the press tipped off IKEA to what we were doing, filming later episodes got mighty interesting! We were told they had our character’s photos up in the security room. So that was fun."