01/01/2014 09:20 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

Giant Rubber Duck Explodes In Mysterious Circumstances In Taiwan (VIDEO)

A giant rubber duck on display for New Year's eve celebrations in Taiwan has exploded in unexplained circumstances.

According to the Daily Mirror the 50ft-tall yellow duck had been on display at the port of Keelung for 11 days when the incident occurred.

But just as large crowds were gathering to see the spectacle, the giant bird deflated.

No one knows what caused the duck to pop, but there has been speculation that eagles pecking it may be behind the mystery.

The duck was designed by the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman to be a giant version of a popular bath toy, the BBC said.

So far inflatable ducks have had a string of bad luck in Taiwan, with one being damaged by a power outage, caused by an earthquake, and another having to be brought ashore because of a typhoon.