03/01/2014 11:40 GMT | Updated 19/02/2015 06:59 GMT

Jen Selter, 'Belfie' Star & Fitness Fanatic Probably Has The Best Bum In The Universe (PICTURES)

Move over J-Lo, Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton.

There’s a new bum in town.

Meet Jen Selter – gym bunny, fitness motivator and up-and-coming best bottom in the universe.

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jen selter

These buttocks are very popular

Here’s a little context: Selter has made a career out of posting pictures of her pert backside on various social media outlets.

That is, she has perfected the art of the ‘belfie’ (bum + selfie = belfie, got that?)

She has 1.3million fans on her Instagram account. 505,000 likes on her Facebook page. And coming up for 90,000 followers on Twitter.

Phew, that’s a lot of bum love.

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As well as bum shots, Selter uses her various channels to muse on subjects such as love, fame and the minutiae of her life, including laments such as “Why can’t shampoo and conditioner ever run out at the same time?” and “This rain has me feeling some type of way.”

As Selter's buttocks ramp steadily up the popularity charts the media (yes, that’s us folks!) is starting to wake up and smell the yoga thongs.

In an interview with Elle Magazine last month, Selter admitted her bum had been her ticket to fame, but insisted: “I’m mysterious. Nobody knows my personality. It’s interesting to me how I build a following of fangirls and fanboys who like me, when they don’t really know me.

“I’m one of the friendliest, nicest people out there. I think I would gain another million if people really knew who I was.”

Ahhh, and modest too!

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