03/01/2014 06:59 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

TV TONIGHT: Celebrity Big Brother Reveals Who's Going In The House, Plus Graham Norton's Best Bits

So, after that big return to work... er, yesterday, it's the weekend already. What is the pick of the box on the year's first Friday night? Well...

Celebrity Big Brother - 9pm, Channel 5

Another January evening, another lineup of was-somebodies and would-be-wannabes entering a pad somewhere in Hertfordshire for some televised house-sharing, duvet-stealing, tear-spilling, and occasional heartwarming. All under cover of cameras everywhere, and a nation who "aren't really watching this year" and yet somehow create a catalogue of new hashtags. Go figure. This year's 'twist': the house's extremely regal makeover. Here's the mooted lineup. Cross fingers for Dr Karl Kennedy.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories - 9pm, ITV

Even those most poker-faced among us might have trouble honouring our British upper lips tonight, when Piers succeeds in bringing an entirely fresh side of 'EastEnders' icon June Brown to the fore. The thoughtful actress reveals she's been "selfish" in putting her career in front of being a good mother. Hand, tissue-box, I don't believe we've been introduced...

Graham Norton's Best Bits - 10.35pm, BBC1

Effortless but still effective telly as Graham gets to pick the highlights of his triumphant year on the couch. June Brown features again, co-starring in an unlikely alliance with Lady Gaga, while even Harrison Ford succumbed to the double-dose charm of Mr Norton and Mr Whitehall. One man, however, is never for turning, with Mr De Niro barely raising a smile at all this British silliness.

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