06/01/2014 07:35 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 08:17 GMT

Baby's Life 'Saved' After Streatham Mother Jessica Wynter Gives Birth In Adult Onesie

A mother is crediting giving birth in her onesie for saving her baby’s life.

In what is probably the first documented case of an adult onesie being a) useful and b) less than odious, the all-in-one garment managed to catch baby Kye as he made a speedy exit from his mother’s womb and slithered down her leg as she raced through a hospital car park.

Jessica Wynter of Streatham told The Sun: “If I’d not been wearing it I don’t think Kye would have survived.

“It was incredibly lucky – the onesie saved my baby's life.”

The 21-year-old’s new 6lb 5oz son was checked over at King’s College Hospital in Lambeth and given the all clear by doctors.

A spokesman for the hospital told HuffPost UK via email: “From time to time, babies can be delivered very quickly meaning Mums don’t always get to the hospital in time.

"We are glad baby Kye is doing well and wish him and his Mum all the best for the future.”

Traditionally a garment for babies, the adult onesie is now a fashion staple of the high street and could be described as being is symbolic of the twee infantilisation of our nation.

But now they have been credited with life-saving qualities, no doubt they'll be multiplying on a maternity ward near you.