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'Celebrity Big Brother' Monday Review - Twitter Frenzy After Behaviour Of Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor, Luisa Zissman, Jasmine Waltz

'Celebrity Big Brother's Monday night airing found Lee Ryan breaking his own self-imposed rule of "not kissing anyone in front of my children, on national television". Although it wasn't his kissing that people will remember.

I'm really not sure how much to say about what went on between the Blue singer and his new glamour model friend Casey Batchelor. Let's just call it CBB's first eviction this year, courtesy of Lee Ryan, on his own, after being dismissed by Casey.

lee ryan

Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor share a kiss on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

I'll leave the rest to #CBB on Twitter, it's all there should you need to swot up on the finer points. But it would be safe to say it divided viewers, between those saying it was the best fun CBB had been in years, and others thinking it was verging on the pornographic.

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And if that wasn't enough to get viewers reaching for the smelling salts, there was a warm-up courtesy of some truth-or-dare action in the hot tub between Luisa, Jasmine and a talk-a-big-talk Dappy.

In other news, just as Hugo Taylor was the first to succumb to tears when he ventured into the 'I'm a Celeb' jungle last year, so it was his fellow Chelsea alumnus Ollie who was the first to break down in the CBB house.

So what finished him off? It was being unshackled from Lionel Blair after triumphing in some knot thing.

"It's so silly but I genuinely didn't think we were going to win that, I've never worked as hard as that in my life," he admitted. (All of 40 seconds, untying a knot.)

Then the tears flowed...

"It's really stupid. I came straight here because I didn't want to make a scene," he admitted. "Lionel has been with me for so many hours now. He's one of the favourite people in my life. I want to have a glass of red wine, and spend the rest of the day with Lionel."

luisa zissman

Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz lock lips on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Meanwhile, Lionel had obviously decided, if you can't beat them, join 'em. After his initial disgust at Jasmine's goings-on (which now seem relatively tame), he joined in the gossip with the best of them, and then one-upped them all with references to the Deep Throat - the book, naturally.

And Luisa Zissman - 'businesswoman' we should remember - has obviously decided not to talk macro-economics with anyone in the house. Not when there are threesomes, double-headed dildos and girl-on-girl action to be discussed.

Luisa Zissman's outrageous flirting found a blank wall in Evander Holyfield. Trimming his nails, offering to wash his pants, nothing worked. So it was off to the hot tub where she got a much warmer reception from Dappy AND Jasmine.

But, as Lord Sugar could have told her housemates, Luisa's not a lady to be underestimated. First she called out Lee Ryan on his 'showmance' with Casey - "it's the oldest trick in the book" before promptly suggesting some lesbe-action with Jasmine to distract some voters.

And if all else fails, another hour, another sex secret. How does this woman ever have time to cook any cupcakes??

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