05/01/2014 14:58 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Royal Antwerp Football Players Kicking Shots At Women's Bums Has To Be The Most Degrading Video We've Seen In 2014

It may sound like a bad spoof, but unfortunately for any feminists labouring under the notion that 2014 was beyond something like this, the training video of Royal Antwerp football players kicking balls at the bums of glamour models is an actual thing.

It also makes The Sun's Page 3 look like a society spread for Hello magazine.

The idiots gentlemen behind the stunt - you'll be unsurprised to hear - was lads magazine Clint, who set up the video where players Joren Dom and Derrick White took part.

The models wore high-rise lacy hotpants and the players aimed and took their shot - the look of pain on the women's faces as the ball connects is pretty awful to watch. Not to mention the players laughing among themselves afterwards.

Considering 'footballer' is the top profession that the majority of little boys in Britain tend to choose when asked what they'd like to be when they grow up, this is a pretty ghastly example.

There's something deeply uncomfortable about a man using a ball to hit another woman's body part - replace the ball with a bat and you'll see what we mean.

No doubt expecting the uproar from feminists, the tables were turned and the girls were allowed to take shots at the men, but not being professional players - it wasn't exactly what we'd call a fair fight.

Some of the comments on the Checkhookboxing site sum up what we'd expect from the opposing side - one wrote: "I'd target it with my penis" while another said: "As long as it's consensual, then it's just a bit of fun and who cares?"

Would they be saying the same if a man's gonads were being using as target practice for rounders, we wonder?

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