Secrets Of The Living Dolls: Channel 4 Documentary Explores Lives Of Female Maskers

When Sir Cliff sang lovingly about his crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living doll - we doubt very much he was talking about these individuals.

Meet the 'female maskers'. They're just ordinary men living their bog-standard lives, but with a twist: in their spare time they squeeze into elaborate rubber suits to live secret lives as their very own fantasy woman.

According to the Channel 4 documentary 'Secrets Of The Living Dolls' (which airs tonight at 10pm) there are thousands of female maskers living all over the world.

Barbie Ramos the owner of Femskin, a company that manufactures the $850 (approximately £518) custom-made silicone outfits, is keen to stress that maskers are regular people.

"They’re not freaky people, they’re not weird, they’re just like you and me," she explains.

"They’re just like what they call 'vanilla people' - that’s you and me - except for at night or on special occasions, they like to put on a mask. Why not?"

Secrets Of The Living Dolls

Seventy-year-old Robert lives in California with his teenage daughter, but chooses to keep his hobby private. After ten years of marriage, he was recently divorced and has spent the last six years becoming 'Sherry'.

Having spent years living his passion in private, Robert will soon take Sherry into the public sphere for the first time - at Rubberdoll Rendezvous, a gathering of female maskers in Minneapolis.

When asked why he dresses up as Sherry, Robert says that he enjoys the make believe.

"I just can't believe that's a 70-year-old man in the mirror and that's why I do this," he admits. "I think I look amazing."

When asked what he sees when looking at his reflection in the mirror, he says: "An exciting looking female."

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Secrets of the Living Dolls, tonight at 10pm on Channel 4