English Town Kings Langley Changing Name To King's Landing In Honour Of 'Game Of Thrones'

It lies just north of Watford, a place famous for its junction, football team and Elton John. But now the sleepy Hertfordshire town (probably - we've never been there) Kings Langley is due to be famous in its own right.

Yes, this February, the town will officially change its name to King's Landing - royal capital of the fictional continent Westeros - to celebrate the release of series three of 'Game Of Thrones' on DVD. And it's all happening because, according to the Radio Times, "a producer for the hit HBO show heard the town listed as a stop while waiting for a train at London's Euston station".

The change will see Kings Langley's two main signs carrying the town's new name, while businesses on the High Street are being encouraged to create special or themed offers for fans expected to make pilgrimages.

“This re-naming is a great opportunity to put Kings Langley and Dacorum on the map," said borough and parish councillor Alan Anderson. “You can’t ignore the parallels between Kings Langley’s own rich history and the themes in the show such as battling kings and warring families.”

New-look map of Westeros