Urban Outfitters Removes 'Depression' T-Shirt And Apologises (But They Should Know Better)

Urban Outfitters have made (another) fashion faux pas this week, after featuring a 'Depression' T-shirt on their site.

Accused of trivialising mental health issues by a hoard of outraged people on Twitter, the brand swiftly removed the item from their website and issued an apology.

Good. But, of course, the bloody thing should have never been there in the first place.

Here is the top...

Here is (one of) the brand's apology tweets...

And now if you look for the T-shirt on the site, you see this...

The T-shirt came to light on Sunday after being tweeted with another offensive Urban shirt, the infamous "Eat Less" tee that the shop removed back in 2010.

The T-shirt was made by Singapore fashion label Depression. Read more about them here.

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