British Online Porn Habits Revealed In Exhaustive Pornhub Survey

It's Official: Britain Is Hopelessly Addicted To Online Porn
Cristian Baitg via Getty Images

British people like their porn long, British and starring Lisa Ann. released the findings in a (largely safe for work) blog post, writing that the UK tends to watch more porn, and watch it for longer, than most people in the world.

While the study was restricted to the users of that particular site, they did find some pretty interesting trends.

Pornhub said that British people "last" an average of 9 minutes 42 seconds on its website - longer than the average of 8:51 but less than our American friends, who stick around for 10 minutes 51 seconds.

Ware, a town in Hertfordshire, has the longest stamina in the UK with an average of 10 minutes and 37 seconds.

Scots tend to last the longest, while Northern Ireland and Wales fell behind the UK average.

And as for what we're actually searching for? Two things mainly: the porn star Lisa Ann, and the word British. Here's an interactive map (again, mostly SFW) and a breakdown of the top terms.

Some of the more unexpected findings include:

  • Scottish people really seem to like videos with the word "smoking" in the title, either because it's slang for attractive or… they just like smokers
  • Inverness is the UK's most pro-MILF city
  • Leicester enjoys "Indian" porn the most
  • London is the city most into lesbian porn

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