'Celebrity Big Brother': Lee Ryan And Jasmine Waltz Share Passionate Kiss (PICTURE)

Lee's Snogging Jasmine And He Doesn't Care Who Sees

Things are hotting up for Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house... and lothario Lee doesn't care who finds out.

The Blue singer, who has spoken of his concerns as being perceived as a "player" by viewers, first made a big play for Megan Fox look-a-like Jasmine’s affections after spending previous nights curled up in bed with Casey Batchelor.

And after a very poor effort at ending his dalliance with Casey, he's now firmly locking lips with Jasmine.

"I don't care any more. I've f****** told everyone how I feel about you," Lee told Jasmine, 31, after the pair kissed in the kitchen.

But is it Lee who's actually going to end up hurt? We don't think Jasmine is the settling down type...


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