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'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Luisa Zissman Would Give Lord Sugar A 'Mild Stroke', Says Karren Brady

'Apprentice' star Karren Brady has claimed Lord Alan Sugar would have a “mild stroke” if he saw the show's runner-up Luisa Zissman in 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Karren is a guest on Jonathan Ross's chat show this weekend where she explains it's fortunate Lord Sugar is currently in America so hasn't witnessed Luisa's frank confessions about sex parties, sex addiction and kisses with fellow housemate Jasmine Waltz.

karren brady

Karren Brady

Luisa, 27, came second to doctor Leah Totten in the last BBC series on her "business merits", but in the Big Brother house she has spent more time enjoying herself than talking revenues.

“I’m just thankful that Alan is in America because if he watched it I think he would have a mild stroke after seeing what’s been going on there," said Karren.

“Actually underneath it all she is a pretty smart lady and when she says ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ I think she genuinely means it.

celebrity big brother

“I think she has mapped out what she wants to do with her life and that’s part of it. The thing is if you’re in television you can get addicted to being in television and you want to do one thing and another thing and before you know it, all you are is a television celebrity,” she added.

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On Thursday, Luisa started planning a post 'Celebrity Big Brother' orgy after Lee Ryan admitted he’d had sex with a man.

The Blue singer told the story as he and Luisa discussed their sexual antics with fellow bisexuals Jasmine Waltz and Ollie Locke in the garden.

"Yeah, I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimental s***," he told them.

"I’m a well-travelled person," he added. "I’ve never admitted it anywhere. No one’s bothered to ask."

Delighted by all of her housemates’ confessionals, Luisa added, "I love an orgy."

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