'Voyce' Fitness Tracker For Dogs Is Not As Strange As It Looks

One of the biggest trends at this year's CES tech show in Las Vegas was wearable technology - little devices designed to track your movements and personal data, and upload it all to the cloud.

And they're not just for humans.

One company has just been nominated for an award for producing a wearable computer for dogs.

The Voyce tracker is described as a wearable gadget "that bridges the communication gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them".

The digital collar lets owners track where their pets are, to learn their habits and check how much exercise they're getting throughout the day.

'Voyce' Tracker For Dogs

I4C Innovations claims it could give pet owners "unprecedented insight into your dog’s health and wellbeing, information and tools for you and your dog to grow together, and ways to share with your veterinarian and social networks".

The gadget specifically tracks the movement of your dog, giving you an early indication about health problems if its activity suddenly changes or declines (for instance). It also tracks the amount of rest, calories burned, heart rate and respiratory rate of your pet, and displays all this information in a simple app interface.

Critics who have looked past the immediate oddity of the device seem to be impressed, with the gadget named as a top 10 finalist in Last Gadget Standing. The device is set to cost $299 at launch, though no UK availability has been confirmed.