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Millions Of Brits Are Scared Of Actual 'Fish With Eyes' - Will Only Touch Fishfingers

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Are we a nation of Ichthyophobes? The phobia - which refers to the fear of eating, touching or being near raw or dead fish - may be a lot more common, according to the results of a recent survey.

The survey, carried out by restaurant chain Loch Fyne discovered that people in Britain are most scared of seafood - a third of people refuse to eat oysters and one in 10 will not eat any fish whatsoever.

Out of things that people found gross, fish with eyes came second, anchovies were fifth, while shellfish and fish on the bone took up places eight and nine.

Despite fish being widely promoted by doctors and the government as important for heart health, one in five people are so put off by fish that they would only eat them if they were coated in breadcrumbs and shaped into 'fingers'. These were adults, incidentally, not children.

Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson told The Mirror that perhaps a lot of people were averse to eating fish because of a subconscious association with it.

"Perhaps the look of the whole fish with the eyes on the plate freaked them out as a child. Maybe the texture of seafood reminds them of something unpleasant."

However, is it a bigger comment on the fact that people are increasingly becoming disassociated from the food they are eating.

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