Ray Photobombs London Aquarium's Clean-Up Photos

The photo-bombing ray is back!
The photo-bombing ray is back!
London Acquarium

As a acquarist Lance Neal polished the glass, one curious ray decided to photobomb the spring clean at SeaLife's London Aquarium.

After the ray pool, Neal was then tasked with climbing into the tank with a 12 strong group of Red Bellied piranhas to prune the live foliage.

A spring clean for the rays and the sharks

All 63 displays are being given a new year clean-up, including diving inside the shark display and first polishing the five metre long glass walkway, situated above the million litre display which is home to 22 of the magnificent sharks, before sweeping the floor and polishing the glass inside.

“We do of course clean the animals displays all year round, but once a year we like to make sure every window shines and every last pebble is looking squeaky clean all at once for the new year ahead,” explained curator, Jamie Oliver.

Keepers get to work at the London acquarium

“Most of the animals are used to us being in their displays and let us get on with it, but some, including the Bowmouth Guitar shark and the penguins, are very inquisitive and like to join in! It certainly makes the job more fun.”