DOCUMENTARY OF THE WEEK: 'Tim's Vermeer' Shows How We Could ALL Paint Like The Dutch Master

DOCUMENTARY: You, Too, Can Paint Just Like Vermeer!

In this absorbing documentary, inventor Tim Jenison seeks to understand the painting techniques used by Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer. Through a painstaking process, he works out how Vermeer MAY have completed his masterpieces and runs his theories past excited experts like David Hockney, who pronounces it perfectly acceptable to marry art and science like this.

But that's just the beginning... as, over the best part of a year, Tim goes about recreating one of Vermeer's Delft pictures and bringing it life on the canvas, following in the Dutchman's stunning strokes.

Directed by Teller (of Penn and Teller fame), 'Tim's Vermeer' will have you rooting for this completely untrained artist for every patient movement of his tiny brush.

'Tim's Vermeer' is in selected UK cinemas from this Friday 17 January. Watch our Exclusive Clip below, when Tim wows one of Los Angeles' most respected artists...

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