The Ultimate Collection Of 50 Things Only Students Will Understand

50 Things Only Students Will Understand

There are a lot of things students do that the wider world simply can’t understand. Apparently going out at least four times a week isn’t really normal?

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50 Things Only Student Will Understand:

1. Missing the first 10 minutes of your university day means you might as well give up the whole day

2. 11am is not a lie in, no matter what your parents say

3. The slight guilt at not waking up till 2pm

4. The feeling that you might be going a bit far when you wake up at 4pm

5. There may be 20,000 people at University, but you always bump into the 1 person you don’t want to

6. The lunch break struggle between sacking it off, or seeing it through

7. The terror of an 8.30am first lecture

8. Rewards for attending a full day of Uni

9. The day you get your next year’s lecture & seminar schedule – best or worst day ever

10. Resentment of spending your loan on books you’ll likely only read when you revise

11. The possibilities of student discounts

12. ‘Reading’ weeks – yep, sure

13. Winning at Varsity

14. Sports clubs initiations

15. Annoyance of how much your team’s sports kit costs

16. Pride of putting on your sports kit for the first time

17. Professional Football Manager (insert year) player is a positive use of time

18. The terror of being 4-0 down on FIFA and the shame of a public apology staring you in the face

19. The delight of scoring a goal when 5-0 down on FIFA and avoiding the public apology

20. The day your parents come to visit

21. Your parents taking you out for lunch when they come to visit

22. The complexity of the halls washing machines for the first time

23. Fear of not liking anyone when you move into halls

24. Realising you were being ridiculous about not finding any friends in your halls

25. The benefits of group cooking

26. £2 is more than enough to create a decent meal

27. A free cheeseburger at McDonalds for being a student

28. The joys of reduced to clear supermarket items

29. How to get the most out of a bottle of ketchup

30. How much everyone has changed when you go home for Christmas

31. You have a different ‘favourite’ club depending on which day it is

32. Wednesday night sports nights

33. £2 vodka redbulls

34. How you feel after too many £2 vodka redbulls

35. The value offered by boxes of wine

36. Lambrini – particularly in punch

37. The amount of different drinking games you can create with cards & imagination

38. Realising that the pre-drinking is actually the best part of the night

39. Running out of alcohol before you’re finished pre-drinking

40. Late night negotiations at the kebab shop for a group discount

41. The difficult decision between having an after party or just getting some sleep

42. The morning after

43. Living in a new city for three years and not actually doing anything there other than going out & going to lectures

44. Struggling to start revision despite knowing you should

45. Deciding that instead of revising, this is the perfect time to do the jobs you hate

46. Discovering how the library works (after 2 years)

47. The necessary evil of an all-nighter

48. The unparalleled delight of finishing exams

49. Going home for the end of term

50. Going travelling over the summer

That’s it – 50 things that ONLY students will ever understand!


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