Best Rickroll Ever? Internet Meme Hidden In Research Paper. But Is It Real? (PICTURE)

Best. Rickroll. Ever.

Ah Rickrolling. That old internet joke, last funny at least a decade before Doge reared its doggy head, in which people are forced against their will to watch this video, has long since expired as a worthy meme. The video itself has now been watched 72 million times.

But now - at least according to the buzz on Twitter - it's back for one last bite at the Internet humour cherry, with possibly the best Rickroll in history.

This picture comes to us via Twitter user @BJMendelson. It is apparently a real research paper about a visit to the Philippines. The Rickroll might not be obvious, but check out the first word of each line...

On the other hand, this apparently incredible Rickroll might not be all that it appears. The picture itself is suspiciously blurred, and has popped up online several times since at least 2012.

At least the author is real. Based on previous research, Emanuel Josef V. Saringan - a student at the time - apparently wrote it for this class at the Ateneo de Manila University.

And anyway, to be honest, we still think this memetastic video is ever better. Click here to watch!


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